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Golden View Site Council

Welcome to Golden View Elementary School Site Council

Welcome to Golden View Elementary School Site Council page! We encourage you to use this page as a tool to explore WHY Golden View Elementary School is more than a California Distinguished School and a Title 1 Academic Achieving School. A standard bearer for SRVUSD. Rather, use the tools on this page to discover the qualitative value of Golden View that differentiates it from others by strategically working every day to meet the well-balanced needs of ALL its students.


Be a Part of Our Team

Serving on a committee of parents, administrators, and teachers is a wonderful way to gain perspective on the relevant viewpoints of each of those caring participant groups.  It has been clarifying for me to learn how academic programs and school improvement programs are evaluated and adjusted to meet the needs of all students.  It is a distinct honor to partner with members of the school community whose goal it is to continue to discuss and find ways to improve Golden View School in spite of its already solid reputation.                                                  Vanessa Cutler—Principal

What is our Purpose?

Every year, the Council analyzes and evaluates the academic achievement of all students in the School. After reviewing the School’s academic performance and looking at the big picture of the School’s progress, the Council and the Principal create the School Plan. This plan, once developed, is submitted by the school to the district for approval and remains the School Plan for a period of 3 years.

This School Plan may include a new academic program or a staff member or parent outreach strategy. As the School budget is limited and many funds can only be spent under strict guidelines, the decisions are made taking into consideration the best overall interest of our school and students.

Over the course of a year, the Council works with the Principal to evaluate the school's progress towards the goals included in the School Plan. To monitor performance, individuals who are responsible for programs in the School Plan are invited to make a presentation to the Council during its scheduled meetings. During these presentations, the Council seeks to understand the nature of the program, success to date, and opportunities for improvement.   

Direct Accountability

The purpose of this council shall be to

  1. Develop and maintain the School Improvement Plan
  2. Have ongoing responsibility to review with the principal, teachers, other school personnel, the implementation of the program and to assess periodically the effectiveness of the program.
  3. Annually review the School lmprovement PIan and the School Safety Plan, establish a new school improvement budget consistent with the Education code, and if necessary make modifications to said plans that reflect changing improvement needs and priorities.
  4. Take other actions as required by the Education Code.

Meeting Agendas

Tuesday, September 11th 2018

8:45-10 Staff Lounge

Welcome and Agenda Review


Review of April 2018 Minutes

Open Public Comment


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Site Council Goals

Plan for the Year/Upcoming Meetings



PTA Report

Ed Fund Report

Other Discussion

Agenda for for November 



2019-20 Roster


  • Denise Malvehy

  • Pallavi Mondkar

  • Ambrose Lee

  • Mary Carroll- PTA Rep

  • Stephanie Benson - Gator Fund Rep

Teachers & Staff:

  • Meredith Bullock

  • Terri Sutak

  • Ashley Fabro

  • Erin Campbell

  • Kristie Stifter

19/20 Meeting Dates

Site Council is held the second Tuesday four months this school year.  

8:45-10:00 am 
Office Conference Room

Meeting Dates:

September 10th

November 12th

February 11th

April 14th