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Our Math Strategies:

arrow notation
number bond
tape method addition
tape method subtraction
Ways to Write Numbers 2
Math Poster
Math Poster 2
Math Poster 3
Math Poster 4
Module 5 lesson 5 chart
Mod 5

Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd grade

Second Grade Teachers






  • Please be sure your second grader is reading each night for 20 minutes. 


  • Basic math facts are crucial in 2nd grade! Please take time each week to practice these. Your 2nd grader should know fluently all the facts to 20. 


  • Optional homework practice will be posted here periodically. 



Math help!!  We are teaching many strategies that are new to both parents and students.  Below are links to videos that will help both of you. If you or your child struggles with the strategy required for the homework assignment, watch the video and it will all make sense.  It's a great refresher for your child as well.



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