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Gator Greeters

Golden View Gator Greeters

PTA is spearheading a new program this school year and is looking for volunteers to welcome new families, whether they are moving from near or far or this is their first school year (T/K or Kinder). 

Are you a Golden View community member who would be willing to support the transition of new families to our school community?

Golden View is looking for volunteers who are willing to share their experience by answering questions that new parents might have about procedures, school life and events, and their overall transition into a new community! Sometimes little, everyday things can be overwhelming for new students and their parents, especially if they are new to the state or country or speak another language!

We are looking for returning Golden View families to volunteer so we have a wide range of grades represented as new families join our school throughout the year!  We will contact you as new families join our community if you are a good "match" with a family with similar ages/gender of children or cultural/language background.

Suggestions for the volunteering family:

  • Call or email and personally welcome your buddy family to the Golden View neighborhood!

  • Set up a play date with the children. 

  • Answer questions about the school rules, events, schedule, etc.

  • Provide any other needed help in terms of community activities (e.g., sports programs & camps), local shops, or other needs for the family (e.g., salons & restaurants).

  • Offer to meet up at a school event (e.g., bingo night, PTA meeting).

We think that a little effort will go a long way to welcoming our new families.

If you are interested, please sign up here: Gator Greeters


Are you a new family to Golden View, San Ramon/Danville, or California in the 2019-2020 school year?

Please contact us and we will match you up with a Golden View Greeter family who can offer guidance and welcome you to the community. Please email for more information.

If you are a new family with students in TK-5th grades who we have missed, please contact us and we can help you get connected!