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Special Needs

Promoting and supporting Special Needs at Golden View

ability Awareness Fair 

Thank you to Jessica Graham, PTA Special Needs Chair, for organizing our Ability Awareness Fair and our Parent Education/Special Needs event, Let's Talk About Being Differently Abled. 


On Friday, Febuary 7th, students visited the MPR and learned about limb differences, visual impairments, braille, ADHD, Autism, and Adaptive Assistive Devices. Kids had hands-on experiences while learning about real life people with different abilities. Please ask your children about what they learned during the ability awareness fair. 

Let's Talk About Being Differently Abled


On Tuesday, February 11th, 6 panelists spoke to parents about their personal experiences as parents of children with special needs and/or disabilities. It was an enlightening and moving evening. Thank you to all the parents who shared their personal stories.