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How Do I Know The Reading Levels For The Books at Home?

As parents, we learn about our child's reading level but at home, our books don't have colored dots or F and P levels on them. You may find going to this website can be a huge help. Here, you can enter a book title and see the DRA level or the lexile score. Not every book is listed here, but it will give you a head start.  click on- Leveling Books to try it out. 


Video Samples of Reading & Writing Project Lesson in Action

Teacher's College @ Columbia University in New York has been innovating and sharing best practices in the teaching of reading and writing for more than two decades. To gain a better understanding of our literacy instruction at GOLDEN VIEW, we suggest you peruse a few of these videos to see teachers in action. 

Click Here for List of Videos

Units of Study: What Reading & Writing Program Is Used at Our School?

At Golden VIew all K-5 classrooms use the Reading and Writing Project "Units of Study" as the framework for our reading and writing programs. In Writing, students focus on Narrative, Opinion/Argument, and Information writing, with the expectations for each writing type gradually increasing with each new grade level. (See the attached learning progressions for each writing type to see how the complexity deepens over time- click Opinion  Information  Narrative).  

In Reading, we learn about different genres and also we learn strategies to best decode and understand the material we are reading. We focus on teaching strategies so children can practice and then independently apply these strategies to their own reading lives. One key component of a strategy based reading program is ongoing assessment of students individually and in small groups to check in on their ability to use a variety of strategies to help them access the information in the books they are reading. Our teachers talk to students about what they are reading, listen in, ask questions. They offer the students a compliment by naming some strategy they are demonstrating and then push them by offering a strategy to try out or continue practicing. (See the attached learning continuum for reading literature by clicking Reading). 


Sample Book Titles by Reading Level

Student Book Levels
F and P Leveling System