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PTA President's Message

Dear Gators:

My name is Larisa Somsel. I'm Golden View PTA president. I have three kids and have been part of the Golden View community since 2010. My oldest is in high school this year and my youngest in first grade.  


I still remember being a first-time Golden View parent and feeling lost and confused by the new school, new schedule, new terms, and new friends. I didn't understand what the MPR was or why Wednesdays were Wacky. But over the years that has changed, and Golden View has become my community and extended family. That is what I hope Golden View can be for you and your kids too.


The people at this school are your village. These are the people with whom you will be raising your kids for the next 6 years. In elementary school that is mostly play dates, field trips, class parties, and carpooling.


And that is because we are all here for one thing; our kids. PTA serves Golden View by bringing families together with our school to create a sense of community and belonging. PTA's mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and families. My personal goal for this year is to build our village and get parents more involved. Last year, I heard a presentation by the California State PTA President about radical hospitality. She focused on really seeing the people around us and acknowledging them and welcoming them. This concept is well-supported by our Back to School Breakfast, TK/K Playdates, Festival of Nations, Pastries with Parents, new Gator Greeters program, and new evening meetings. 


On that note, I want to highlight that our PTA Association meetings will be in the evenings this year. Adding evening Association meetings makes it possible for working parents to attend and be represented and involved in PTA. PTA will provide snacks and childcare to encourage more families to come. We hope to have guest speakers at some of our Association meetings as well (suggestions welcome).


This year we have added Gator Greeters as a new program and are working on a PTA subgroup for dads and dudes, too. Both are part of a plan to bring more parents into our school community. We hope you will join the PTA as a member and, if you can, as a volunteer. There are many ways to be involved and to have a voice in making Golden View an amazing school and community.


Lastly a note of thanks to our staff and teachers for working so hard over the last two weeks to get the school back in order. They've worked in messy, dusty conditions trying to get classrooms ready for our kids. And they've done it against the odds, with patience and grace. I have a sign at my house that's says, "The best moms have sticky floors, dirty laundry, crazy schedules and happy kids." I hang it in my office to make myself feel less guilty but there is some truth in it. I welcome you all back to school with the happy thought, "Pardon our dust. Our makeover is going to be awesome...when it is finished." 

Larisa Somsel  

Golden View Elementary PTA President