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Prepare for Active Participation

For the safety of all our students we ask that students come prepared for active participation in PE. 



1.   Wear tennis shoes (sneakers)- with rubber souls and laces that tie tight.  Uggs/boots, crocs and sandals are NOT acceptable. 

2.   Wear clothing that allows free range of motion and that can get a bit dirty if student falls on blacktop or runs through wet grass.Girls need appropriate attire including shorts underneath skirts. 

3.   Bring a water bottle, with students name on it and water in it.

4.   Please apply sunscreen in the morning, ESPECIALLY on overcast days. 


If your student will be out of P.E. for a day or two due to an injury, please send them with a note. If your student is out for more than 3 days it is our district policy to require a note from a medical doctor excusing them from physical activity.   


We are looking forward to a fantastic year in PE. 

Report Card and P.E. grades


P.E. grades are posted two times a year (with your classroom report card).

Students are graded in Participation and Sportsmanship


Participation and Effort:

Respect yourself (show responsibility)

Wear proper attire for safe participation in the lesson

Have a positive attitude and make an honest effort


Behavior and Sportsmanship:

Display respectful and responsible behavior during instruction and play

Listen during teacher instruction

Stay on task and follow directions

Display good sportsmanship 



Diana Nickelson

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Philosophy of Physical Education

The purpose of our time together is to develop physical literacy in a fun and safe environment. While mastery is not necessary, honest effort and good sportsmanship are expected.  It is my responsibility to develop a love for physical activity and to establish a healthy lifestyle students can carry into adulthood. Therefore, the expectation is that students come prepared with a positive attitude, ready and willing to work hard (participation), while exhibiting respectful and responsible behavior (sportsmanship), at all times.  I will come prepared with developmentally appropriate games and activities and provide a physically and emotionally safe environment.  

What is Happening in P.E.

Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year. We are looking forward to a great year ahead in P.E. Please look around this page for information regarding P.E. for the 1st and 2nd grade and SDC students including schedule, management, and grading policy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at   

To Be Physically Literate

Definition of Physical Literacy


International Physical Literacy Association, May 2014


Run For Education

Run for Education is October 13, 2019!

Registration is open so head over to:

Hope to see you all there!