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Welcome back to school!

This year, we are fortunate enough to provide access to DreamBox for all our elementary students. Dreambox provides Intelligent Adaptive Learning that supports our math program. Click on the links to learn more:


-DreamBox overview for parents: Click Here for Overview

-Parent letter link, where you’ll find:


How to access DreamBox at home (setup):

1. Go to your child’s District portal

2. Have your child login to his or her profile just as it would be done at school.

3. Click Setup Parent Access at the bottom of the page, or click here to set up.


4. Follow the instructions to create a login (email) and password.

5. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

6. Click Submit.


To log into your Family Insights Dashboard (after it is set up):

1. Click Here to Log In.

2. Enter your email and password.

3. To see student progress, click the Family Dashboard button. Questions? We’ve got answers. Contact us at or call 877-451-7845. © 2015 DreamBox Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. For problems logging into your District's portal, please contact your District for assistance.


Students can log in and access DreamBox at home, anytime:

  1. Log in through the student portal

  2. If logging in on an ios device (ipad), you’ll need to download the CLEVER and Dreambox apps. from the app store, then

  3. Log in through CLEVER app, Dreambox will appear as an option.