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My Girls
Reina 8 and Sophia 4

About Me

Hi, I'm Mr. Kyriacou and I'm the PE Specialist for Golden View Elementary School. I've been a Teacher for 18 years, 16 of which have been here at Golden View. I love my job working with 1st thru 5th grade... Educating and training them to take care of their bodies with good nutrition and lots of exercise. I enjoy introducing fun games for them to play. I value cooperation and sportsmanship and my expectation is for my students to demonstrate these "Life Skills" at all times. I also promote a safe environment where students are valued for the effort in their participation, not whether they win over losing.

Presidential Fitness Testing

4th and 5th graders will be participating in the Presidential Fitness Challenge. The components of this test are: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Shuttle Run, Sit and Reach and Mile run. This test will be administered during PE time, from November through December. All Students will receive patches and certificates for participating. There are three achievement levels: Blue, also called Presidential, is the highest and most difficult to attain. On average, Students who earn this color are in the top 15% of testers in the Country. Red, also called National, is the middle color level. On average, Students who earn this color are in the top 50% of the rest of the testers in the Country. White, also called Participant, is the lowest color level. On average, Students who earn this color are in the next 50% of the rest of the testers in the Country. To earn Blue, Students must test Blue in all tests. To earn Red, Students test a mix of Red and Blue in all tests. To earn White, Students test a mix of White, Red and Blue in all tests.

Jason Kyriacou

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Students will dress appropriately for active participation.  Students should wear tennis shoes that lace or tie tight and bring a water bottle (optional).  Students should be on their best behavior and they should respect their classmates as well as their Teachers.  Students should give their best effort when stretching, running and during game play.  Students should use good sportsmanship whenever possible and help create a friendly classroom environment for all students to experience.

If students cannot participate, they should bring a note from home detailing what they can not do.  If a student will be out more than a week for the same injury or sickness, they should visit the Doctor and bring me a note explaining the problem.