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Corporate Match

Instructions for Submitting Corporate Match Requests

Many employers will match donations to educational institutions dollar for dollar. The employee must follow the employer's process - most are now online. Your Gator Fund donation at registration is just one of many donations that might be eligible for corporate matching funds - doubling the value to our school! Please see the table below for other possible match opportunities.

You must submit your request to the correct Golden View organization for it to be properly authorized. The organization names and contacts are as follows:

Official Name:  Golden View Gator Education Fund

Tax ID:  46-0486918 

Contact Name:  Shannon Syms

Phone Number:  925-855-2700


Official Name:  Golden View Elementary PTA

Tax ID:  68-0189358

Contact Name:  Adriana Fusaro

Phone:  925-855-2700



Official Name:  Golden View Elementary School

Tax ID: 68-0273221

Contact Name:  Terri Sutak

Phone Number:  925-855-2700




Golden View Organization To Match


Mid-Year Supply Donation


Emergency Preparedness Donation


Art Donation


Gator Fund Donation

Golden View Gator Education Fund



Supplementary Program Donations

Golden View Elementary School

Grade-Level Donations

Golden View Elementary School

Throughout The Year

Fall Carnival Sponsorship


Turkey Trot Fun Run Pledge

Golden View Gator Education Fund

Fund-a-Need Donation 

Golden View Gator Education Fund


Please ensure you comply with your company’s policy when you apply for matching funds.

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