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Lisa McGuire
Christine Sharrock


At the Golden View Library, we use books and technology to get students excited about reading and boost their success at school. Reading well and being able to research a topic effectively is a vital part of doing well in any school subject as well as in life.  Our job is to guide students in their efforts to find great books and useful resources as we teach and reinforce literacy, library and research skills. 

Since every student has the opportunity to come to the library on a regular basis, our goal is that it be a place where deep and lasting learning happens in a way that is non-threatening and fun.  We hope that every student who enters feels valued and welcome.  We want the Golden View Library to be a place where students learn and are encouraged to always be the very best they can be!

Thank you for your support and for sharing your wonderful children with us!

Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Sharrock



Happy 4th of July! Listen to the Declaration of Independence being read aloud:

BREAKING NEWS!  Lots of free online library resources!

MackinVIA E-Books, Databases, Websites.... at your fingertips!

Great news, Gators!  We wanted to tell you about a wonderful way to access amazing books, videos, websites and online resources, all from one starting place.  

Visit the Library Catalog (click the Destiny link on the right, or click the Quicklink on the school's homepage) --  you will see a MackinVIA logo to click on.

You can use MackinVIA as a guest -- use the login information given on the library home page (School: Golden View Elementary, San Ramon; Username: GVEBooks; Password: Read!)

Or, even better, you can log in to your own special account and backpack (where you can store books etc. that you want to read offline) -- use your usual Golden View login information (School: Golden View Elementary, San Ramon; Username: Your student log in (like you use in the computer lab!); Password: Your 6-digit student number (lunch number!)).  

Parents -- you can go to your student's tab and add your own e-mail as the Notification E-Mail address. You will then receive notifications e.g. about books your student has requested.  You can leave or delete your student's e-mail address, whichever you prefer.

Before you begin, watch the Quicklook video for a quick overview of everything you can do and how to get started doing it!  There are lots of other helpful videos as well but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and I will help if I can.

Now, go explore -- books about animals, biographies, graphic novels, classics!  Databases, websites!  Let us know what you find that you really like!  Is there an e-book you'd like us to add?

Happy reading!


 Click for the Library Catalog (Destiny)

Click above to be taken to the library catalog homepage. 

You'll find access to our e-book catalog -- look for the MackinVIA logo like this:MackinVIA Logo

as well as lots of links to author websites,   reference sites and more. 


 Click here for the Library Padlet

Click above for the Library Padlet -- a collection of  all sorts of online resources!


You can start a library search from here!

There's so much to explore!  Enjoy!


What Can I Do Today?

June 22nd-26th

Celebrate the official arrival of summer!

Saturday June 20th was Midsummer's Day, also called the summer solstice.  Midsummer's Day is special because it's the day with the longest period of sunlight in the year (and, therefore, the shortest night).  For us here in northern California, we had 15 hours of day light on June 20th.  The farther you live from the earth's equator, the longer the day will be.  In fact, in some far northern regions, the sun never sets on Midsummer's Day. 

But Midsummer's Day is something of a misleading name since the summer solstice is actually the first day of summer according to astronomers.  

Still, why not try one of these traditional ways to celebrate the arrival of summer?

Wash your face with morning dew -- some people believe that midsummer dew is good for the skin, but it can be very hard to find in our dry climate!

Make a daisy-chain circlet - pick a bunch of small summer flowers (ask permission before raiding the garden!) Pinch a small hole in the stem of one flower, not too close to the end.  Poke the stem of another flower through the hole and then pinch a hole in the stem of that second flower.  Keep adding flowers until the chain is long enough to go around your head (or wrist or neck if you want a bracelet or necklace).  Tie it closed with a small piece of thread.

Midsummer Fruit Mix - Combine your favorite summer fruits - strawberries, cherries, peaches - to make a healthy, juicy and delicious dessert or snack.